Safe Pedicures & Safe Manicures

Urbane Autoclave Sterilizer for safe manicures and pedicures

Safe Pedicures & Safe Manicures with Our Autoclave Sterilizer

Worried about nail infections? Has the news about infections and the sanitation from cookie cutter nail salons got you thinking twice?

No need to worry when you visit the Nail Room at Urbane.

We use an autoclave sterilizer to sterilize our instruments. The only way to guarantee 100% safe pedicures and safe manicures is to use an autoclave to sterilize all tools. This sterilization kills all micro-organisms and bacteria.

Enjoy beautiful nails and have peace of mind, along with expert personalized service in a comfortable private room.
Book all your nail care services in the Nail Room at Urbane.

Read this article from Dr. Oz that explains the dangers of going to a salon that does not use an autoclave:

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